Vision® Merisuola Graphene

Vision® Merisuola Graphene

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Designed for fresh and saltwater.


Vision® Merisuola Graphene. We made a very successful upgrade to the XO rod series by introducing the XO Graphene rods. We wanted to do the same for the Merisuola range as Merisuola and Graphene are truly meant to be together. With this new material available for these rods, and with it being the strongest tested material in the world, these rods just beg to get out and hunt bigger predatory fish. When one of these rods is cast the first time the difference is noticeble right away.
Graphene makes it possible to make stronger rods with less material which results actionwise in unbelievable strength combined with smooth action. The backbone of the Merisuola Graphene family consists of four piece lightweight fast action saltwater rods targeted at everything between the Caribbean bonefish, Baltic seatrout and the GT’s of the Pacific. These rods incorporate everything we have learned during 20+ years of rod design and manufacturing.


  • Fast action
  • Four piece rods
  • The blanks are over 10% lighter than original Merisuola
  • A natural unsanded and unpainted blank for the best action
  • Unique graphene reinforced resin combined with a mix of different carbon fibre
  • A double nut up-locking precision machined aluminum reel seat
  • New patented REC Cerecoil nickel titanium stripping and REC snake guides
  • Full wells handle with AAAA Portuguese cork with rubber cork enforcement
  • Fighting butt size varies with rod weight and a target species branded on the end cap of the FB
  • Supplied in a custom aluminium tube with engraved metal end caps together with a cloth bag
  • Designed and developed in Finland
  • Tested all over the world by sailfish, tarpon, permit, jacks, bonefish, pike, seatrout etc
Modelli e specifiche:
Vision® Merisuola Graphene - VMG4906
Modello: VMG4906
Lunghezza: 9'0"
Coda: #6
Peso: 101 g
Pezzi: 4
Vision® Merisuola Graphene - VMG4907
Modello: VMG4907
Lunghezza: 9'0"
Coda: #7
Peso: 105 g
Pezzi: 4
Vision® Merisuola Graphene - VMG4908
Modello: VMG4908
Lunghezza: 9'0"
Coda: #8
Peso: 109 g
Pezzi: 4
Vision® Merisuola Graphene - VMG4909
Modello: VMG4909
Lunghezza: 9'0"
Coda: #9
Peso: 116 g
Pezzi: 4
Vision® Merisuola Graphene - VMG4910
Modello: VMG4910
Lunghezza: 9'0"
Coda: #10
Peso: 126 g
Pezzi: 4
Vision® Merisuola Graphene - VMG4912
Modello: VMG4912
Lunghezza: 9'0"
Coda: #12
Peso: 147 g
Pezzi: 4

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