Loon® Trout Pliers

Loon® Trout Pliers

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Sized for trout.


Overbuilt doesn’t need to mean oversized. The Loon® Trout Pliers are more robust than any pair of hemostats, but they’re still sized for trout. They include a cutter in the jaw that is equally versatile with a unique design that allows anglers to make quick work of pinching heavy barbs, removing delicate dry flies, cutting braid, clipping light tippet, and everything in between. They come housed in a durable rubber holster and include a Quickdraw Tool Tether, making them easy to store on any pack, belt or even a pair of board shorts.


  • 7.5” long / 19cm
  • Comfy grip increases tackiness when wet
  • Mechanical advantage
  • Crimps barbs on hooks down to #22
  • Cuts braid and tippet to 7x
  • Swiveled Tether included
  • Sheath included
  • Spring keeps jaws open
  • Easily crimps weights