Loon® Fly Tying Mat

Loon® Fly Tying Mat

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To organize.


Loon® Fly Tying Mat is the solution for tyers who spend most of their time at the vise looking for tools rather than tying flies.

Whether the goal is to production tie a dozen Copper Johns in an hour or to simply come back to a tidy station, the neatly divided compartments allow tyers to develop a system for keeping tools and prepared materials organized. The silicone construction is easy to clean with 4 magnetic compartments, perfect for keeping hooks and beads in place. For the nomadic tyer who doesn’t have a dedicated space, the Tying Mat turns a standard size sheet pan into a mobile tying station.


  • Fits on baking sheet for mobile tying station
  • Expedites clean up
  • Protects desk & organizes work space
  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps hooks, beads & materials organized
  • 4 magnetic compartments.