Smith Creek® Rod Clip

Smith Creek® Rod Clip

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Rod holder system.


The Smith Creek® Rod Clip is a rod suport system designed for use with light to medium weight outfits up to: 1/2 inch (13mm) diameter and maximum weight of 1 ½ lbs. (.75 kg).

Funny how a new idea can come about. I was showing the guy who cleans my pool the Net Holster video. He's always been curious about what we're cooking up next. Now Jason doesn't fish, but being an observant person he pointed out that while I was in the process of releasing a fish I had my rod, landing net, and the fish all in my hand and how awkward that looked. I told him it was not awkward at all but the normal way of fishing and I've been doing it like that forever. He said I should come up with something to hold my rod and free up my hands. Being busy I brushed it off and didn't think about it until three days later. That's how long it took before it sunk in that he was right.

Once again after months of prototyping and field testing, and with the voice of my Uncle Don resonating in my ears ever since I was eight years old, "darn it Wayne, keep your reel out of the sand," I realized that simple is still best and believe me, some of the ideas and early prototypes weren't that simple...

Once you get used to using it, in less than one day of fishing, you can't live without it. While I was field testng an early zinger its cable broke leaving me without my clip for the rest of the day. I seriously missed it and now won't fish without one. It's a serious piece of gear that works, can't believe I didn't see the need for it myself.

Thanks Jason. That reminds me that I owe him one...


  • Holds your rod securely out of the way
  • Easy in – Easy out – Easy to use
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Rugged Smith Creek quality
  • Highest Spec Zinger
  • Patent No.594008
Models and specifications:
Smith Creek® Rod Clip - Blue
Model: Blue

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Smith Creek® Rod Clip - Green
Model: Green

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Smith Creek® Rod Clip - Orange
Model: Orange

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