Devaux® Chest Pack Kowa Olfish DVX

Devaux® Chest Pack Kowa Olfish DVX

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Comfort and efficiency.


Devaux® Chest Pack Kowa Olfish DVX combines comfort, lightness and efficiency. It was designed for fishermen and can carry all the equipment needed for a fishing day. Its main modular pocket can hold several flyboxes. The removable backpack can accommodate a rain jacket or any other fishing gear.
One size fits all, thanks to the adjustable strapping system, it fits all body types.


  • Padded straps
  • A large and large zippered pocket (30 / 22cm)
  • A second large pocket with side opening
  • Velcro Bracket
  • Fly patch
  • 6 loops for accessories
  • Two magnetic accessory holders
  • Rod attachment system or for a second rod
  • Large removable backpack, padded, ventilated, zippered back pocket.
  • A loop for landing net
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