Redington® Strike II

Redington® Strike II

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For Euro Nymph.


We dreamt up the Redington® Strike II to give the angler an advanced fish catching advantage for specific euro nymphing applications. A new, improved, focused model list covers the most popular length and weight for euro nymphing applications.

In addition, the STRIKE features a new medium-fast action blank, improving accuracy and ease of casting. With a traditional down-locking reel seat, micro-fighting butt, single-foot guides, and reshaped handle for better balance points, the STRIKE is tuned and outfitted for the finest details applied in euro nymphing techniques. Added features include a new stripping guide, optimally positioned to remove line slap, and two tip-positioned snake guides that prevent fine tippets from wrapping around the guides when casting or repositioning the drift. Complete with superior presentation control and strike sensitivity thanks to an uber-responsive tip.


  • Medium-fast action, with extra-sensitive tip section allows detection
  • of the subtlest of strikes
  • Reshaped handle, allowing the angler to find the perfect balance point
  • closer to the reel
  • CNC machined, anodized aluminum reel seat with Micro-fighting butt
  • Single-foot guides to reduce overall weight
  • Two tip-positioned snake guides prevent fine tippets from wrapping
  • around the end of the rod
  • Unpainted blank for stealth appearance and prevention of rod flash
  • Epoxy-coated section tips to prevent sticking
  • Includes durable cordura rod tube with built-in rod dividers
  • Lifetime warranty
 Modelle und Spezifikationen:
Redington® Strike II - 2100-4
Modell: 2100-4
Länge: 10'0"
Schnur: #2
Gewicht: 105 g
Fasern: 4
Redington® Strike II - 3106-4
Modell: 3106-4
Länge: 10'6"
Schnur: #3
Gewicht: 114 g
Fasern: 4
Redington® Strike II - 4106-4
Modell: 4106-4
Länge: 10'6"
Schnur: #4
Gewicht: 114 g
Fasern: 4