Devaux® Kayak Tube CAP-V2000

Devaux® Kayak Tube CAP-V2000

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Long and higher!


The true innovation and revolution in designing in this field, the Devaux® Kayak Tube CAP-V2000 is more profiled, faster, more stable, longer and the most important higher. Thanks to its seat set above the floating tubes, you will literally be sitting on top of the water, 25cm higher than in all other classic float tubes. The gain in visibility, distance and casting is considerable. The fisherman also benefits in terms of movement speed and discretion, is also very balanced in all conditions, thanks to its length of 1.80m and its two adjustment straps. It is equipped with two large side pockets for storage, 4 rings for rod support and accessories. The backrest is comfortable and adjustable by two side straps. Each float is individual and has its own valve for greater safety. Made of polyester fabric, it is very compact for easy carrying. All these combined features make the CAPV 2000 kayak, a truly unique and highly technical product.
LENGTH: 1,80 m.
WIDTH: 1.22m
WEIGHT: 6.6 kg.
Seat height / floor: 42.5cm
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Devaux® Kayak Tube CAP-V2000 - Black
Modell: Black
Devaux® Kayak Tube CAP-V2000 - Chartreuse
Modell: Chartreuse