Devaux® Kayak Tube CAP-V1000

Devaux® Kayak Tube CAP-V1000

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Long and stable!


The Devaux® Kayak Tube CAP-V1000 is a simplified kayak tube witha a truly unique shape. A particularly hydrodynamic shape that makes it more discreet but increases movement speed. The CAP-V1000 kayak tube is a 1.80m long tube more stable in water under difficult fishing conditions. It is equipped with two large side pockets for storage, four rings to rod support and accessories. The seat is inflatable for comfort. The ergonomic back support is very comfortable and adjustable by 2 side straps. Two individual floats with its own valve for safety. Designed with an extremely strong and lightweight polyester fabric, it is very compact for easy carrying.
LENGTH: 1,80 m.
WIDTH: 1.22m
WEIGHT: 3.7 kg.
Seat height: 24.5cm
 Modelle und Spezifikationen:
Devaux® Kayak Tube CAP-V1000 - Black
Modell: Black
Devaux® Kayak Tube CAP-V1000 - Chartreuse
Modell: Chartreuse
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