Custom Engravings

Custom Engravings

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Art in your reel!


Whether you're promoting a tournament or proposing marriage, why not say it with a Tibor Fly Reel!

In addition to our exclusive engraved gamefish and custom text engraving, custom logo or art engraving is also available on NEW Tibor Signature, Tibor, Tibor Light CL and Billy Pate reels. To facilitate the engraving process, please review the following guidelines for custom logo or art engraving. All files submitted for custom logo or art engraving must meet the following requirements:

  • Artwork must be black line art. No halftones, photographs or color artwork can be accepted.
  • All artwork must be created in vector-based drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw and saved as a .pdf or .eps file.
  • Hand drawn, scanned artwork, or artwork created in programs such as Adobe Photoshop and saved as a tiff, pdf, jpg, gif or bmp cannot be accepted, and we cannot redraw artwork.
  • Tibor Reel Corporation will determine if the art is “engraveable.”
  • If art is deemed engraveable, customer will receive a pdf sample via e-mail depicting how the art will look on the reel - ie: size, proportion, quality, etc.

Custom Engraving is by special order on NEW REELS ONLY.

No returns or exchanges will be accepted on custom engraved orders (logos, custom text). No exceptions.

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Custom Engravings - Custom Text
Modell: Custom Text
Custom Engravings - Custom Art (logos, etc.)
Modell: Custom Art (logos, etc.)