C&F Design® Hackle Pliers Midge CFT-120

C&F Design® Hackle Pliers Midge CFT-120

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More strength and tension.


The C&F Design® Hackle Pliers Midge CFT-120 will hold hackle more steadily thanks to the 3 plate springs installed. It will dramatically decrease the accidents to cut hackles.
The Hackle plier shock absorber will stretch depends on the tension to the hackle, so you can tie more tightly.
  • Tips of the plier has been treated sandblast finish for Non-Slip Grip
  • The pliers head is changed to round shape for not risking to cut hackles and grip them perfectly.
  • Rubber damper at the joint part absorbs shocks and gives enough sensitivity for tiers
  • Micro Black Coating which used for camera shutter, prevents reflection
  • The tip became skinnier, and easier for more delicate fly hackling
  • Will make your flies more durable.