Scientific Anglers® Mastery Saltwater

Scientific Anglers® Mastery Saltwater

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Designed for saltwater flyfishing.


The Scientific Anglers® Saltwater fly line is probably the most general purpose line made, designed for multiple saltwater applications where a floating line is needed. The Mastery Saltwater Taper is built to handle larger-sized flies and cover a lot of distance while the Running line it's optimized to float and reduces memory.
These fly lines share the long, thin running section familiar to both the Bonefish Taper and Tarpon Taper lines, but with a more dynamic front taper. Mastery Saltwater tapers are very supple and built on a multi-filament core, not a mono core. They are designed to drive heavy, bulky saltwater flies as far from the tip of the rod as possible.
Models and specifications:
Line type
Scientific Anglers® Mastery Saltwater - WF7F
Model: WF7F
Line type: Floating
Pale Yellow - Horizon
Length: 30.5 m
69.00 41.40